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Lets Talk Diffusers

Lets Talk Diffusers

In the spirit of transparency (we find it not only beneficial to you, our customers, but also to the Source V brand as well) the information we are able to gather, from the general consensus, helps us in fine-tuning the improvements needed to ensure we put out the best product possible. That being said, we are going to be open about the % of failure rates with the diffusers. We will also discuss, the Pros and Cons of each atomizer we are expecting to release.

When it comes to the Versa Diffuser, it is our goal to continue to have a multitude of options available for the consumer. With that, we have already been working on the next generations of the atomizer. The atomizer line will consist of the Stock Atomizer, The Titan and The Magnum.

The Stock Diffuser – (Currently Available)

The Versa stock diffuser features a simple build with a stainless-steel housing that allows buckets to sit directly on the heat plate. This allows for a quick heat up speed. It is very easy to change buckets out and this atomizer is convenient to rebuild. There is a 6-month warranty on this atomizer.

Pro: A simple build diffuser that is very user friendly, especially for entry level users. Great for low temp dabs.

Con: Longevity can be sensitive based on individual use. General Maintenance can at times be troublesome to beginner users.

This diffuser will remain in stock as the new lines begin to be released and will continue to be improved upon with new coil types (such as: Energy efficient coil heads designed with a waffle type pattern allowing heat to spread without the need of heating the entire surface leading to extended battery life).

With the first round of shipments having been received by customers, we are reaching a failure rate of just under 4% on diffusers. We still need to have more in-depth conversations and receive confirmation from customers to determine if it is, in-fact their atomizer that is failing. Our acceptable margin of failure rate is 2% or less. However, based on the small pool that have already received their Versa, this might jump up to 6-7% once the first run is complete. From this we will make all the necessary improvements needed to get to the 2% or under mark. Of course, in the meantime we will be here for anyone who may run into any issues.


The Titan – (Currently testing the 3rd generation)

The Titan functions the same as the Stock Diffuser however, it will feature a stainless-steel cap over the heating plate. This cap is remove-able from the plate itself, which allows it to be rebuild-able/upgrade-able to newer plates (i.e. energy efficient mentioned above).

Pro: Longevity of Diffuser life. 6 Month warranty

Con: Slightly Slower heat-up speed which could potentially decrease the battery life of the Versa, requiring users to charge it more often. (This should overall be a negligible difference).

We are currently on our 3rd generation samples of the Titan. Our testing is showing it performs very well with all inserts. We will be expecting to release this diffuser within the next 20 to 30 days.


The Magnum – The Connoisseurs Series (Awaiting first sample to arrive this month)

The Magnum is a completely solid built diffuser that will feature all inserts including collabs with top tier brands. It will come in a quartz, ceramic, and SIC option. Features a 1-year warranty, plus an option for an extended warranty.

Pro: Longevity. Quick heat up speed, due to built-in bucket. (The built-in bucket allows us to make the bucket cross section much thinner verses the standard production inserts.)

Con: No removable buckets. Potential for longer heat-up speed (dependent on the insert type). Not rebuild-able.

We are expecting to receive our first samples of the Magnum late this month. The timeline for release is anticipated for around the same time as the Titan, but closer to the 30 to 40-day mark.

As always, we welcome and value your feedback on our upcoming line of Versa Atomizers. We will be offering discounts to all pre-order blocks 1 – 3.

Ill be putting up a post about the new site and CS etc.. this week! be on the look out for that.