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Versa Go Premium Whip Kit

$ 39.99

In Stock Now! Take your sesh to the next level with this unique Versa Go Premium Whip Kit - the ultimate in on-the-go convenience!Includes everything you need:- Versa Go adapter, - 14-18mm adapter, - Premium silicone hose, - magnetic connections,...

Versa Go Hydro Tube

$ 14.99

Replacement Hydro Tube for the Versa GO - Portable Erig.

Versa Heat Plate 1.3mm

$ 4.99

  Versa 1.3mm plates are the strongest yet!  Dial in your temps with this highly accurate thick plate. Cooler runs, Smoother hits, and most important of all, they last 5x longer than previous stock plates!Includes: 1 - 1.3mm Heating Plate 

Versa GO Battery Pack

$ 14.99

The Versa GO 18350 Battery Pack is the perfect upgrade for those looking to fully utilize the portability of the Versa GO.  Featuring 2x 18350 1200mah batteries. Built for maximum power output and rapid charge, take these with you on...

Jolt Hot Knife Atomizer

$ 9.99

The Original Jolt Hot Knife Atomizer. This atomizer is designed exclusively for the Jolt Dip and Rip device.

Jolt Atomizer

$ 9.99

Replacement atomizer for the Jolt.  This atomizer is designed exclusively for the Jolt Dip and Rip kit. 

Spark Dab Kit

$ 14.99

The Spark is the perfect combination of portable and powerful. Featuring an adjustable dial for maximum hit or maximum flavor, and a profile that makes it our smallest portable to date.  The Spark is a classic slim 510 thread device...

Source Jolt Dip & Rip

$ 29.99

The Dip & Rip JOLT 2 in 1 Dip and Rip or use the 510 connection for Cart dabs on the go! The JOLT is the perfect portable dipper for you! With a compact 320mah battery, USB Micro charging, and...

Source Versa Diffuser/Atomizer

$ 34.99

The newest addition to the Versa Diffuser family! The current build is our best diffuser design yet. With a fully-removable crucible, 1.3mm heat plate, over-tighten protection built into the lid, the new Versa Diffuser is a must have for any Versa owner! 

Atomizer Grommet

$ 1.00

Replacement grommet part for use with ALL Versa diffusers. **Single Grommet only** 

Versa SiC Insert

$ 59.99

In Stock Now! TASTE THE TERPS with the SiC Insert Step your game up and EXPERIENCE TRUE TASTE with the Silicon Carbide crucible that has been specifically manufactured to fit the vGO Dab Mod. At .9mm thickness and a refined...

AlN Crucible

$ 89.99

TASTE THE TERPS!  The NEW v2 AIN Take your Versa (Versa V2 + Versa GO + Versa Prime) to the Next Level with an AlN Crucible.  The AlN Crucible is the only custom designed crucible to fit your Versa Dab Mod. Known for its...

Source Versa Quartz Bucket

$ 7.99

In Stock Now The Source 15mm Quartz crucible is perfect for the Medium to Fast Heat that provide great hits with flavor to match.  

Source Versa Ceramic Bucket

$ 7.99

The Source vGO 15mm Ceramic bucket is perfect for the Slow Heat that provide perfect flavor and cloud every time.

Source Versa Titanium Bucket

$ 7.99

The Versa 15mm Titanium bucket is perfect for the Medium Heat that will allow you to maintain flavor!