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Jolt Guide

Jolt Guide


Important Tip:

Brushing your tip into your concentrate works best. Try to avoid pushing directly in, this is not good for your coil or your wax. 


Quick Start:

5 Clicks to Turn the Jolt on or off.

3 Clicks to change the heat level.

2 Clicks to activate auto pre-heat mode.

1 Click and Hold to activate manual fire.


Preheat Info:

- The auto pre-heat mode runs for 2 seconds. This can be especially useful in colder climates and to help clear minor clogs the can happen with usage.

Cleaning Your Jolt:

We recommend you follow these steps for a proper cleaning technique.

- Set your Jolt to the highest level (Red).

- Run 1 dry 20 second sesh

- Soak a Q-Tip in ISO and brush the atomizer head

- While running another 20 second sesh, brush the top of the coil head lightly 

(Repeat steps as necessary)  

- Next Remove the atomizer, remove your airpath cover on the body. You can do this by twisting the body to unthread the housing. Brush your airpath chamber with an ISO Q-Tip.

replacing your atomizers is inevitable and suggested for premium flavor.