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Versa 2.5 User Guide

Versa 2.5 User Guide

Versa User Guide 2.5

Control Overview:

When looking at your Versa you have:
- The left button (the power/select button)
- The right button (up and down select button)
- The Digital Screen in the middle.


Quick Start:

1. 3 Clicks on the Power Button (left button) to turn on your Versa
2. Use the right button up or down to select your desired temp
3. Hold the Power Button (left button) down for 3 seconds to activate the heat. (you can also hold for 3 seconds to stop the heat)
4. When done make sure to Q-Tip your crucible ( insert ) and 3 clicks on the Power Button (left button) to turn off your Versa completely.


Basic Controls:

Turn On / Off: 3 Clicks on the Power Button (left button)

Activate Heat / Stop Heat: Hold Power Button (left button) for 3 Seconds

Changing From F / C: Hold Right Buttons (Up & Down) together for 3 seconds

Set Heat-up Speed: Hold Power Button (left button) & +Plus Button (top right) for 3 seconds

Then use + or - button to cycle. Select using Power Button (left button)

Set Sesh Time: Hold Power Button & Both + & - Button together (ALL BUTTONS) for 3 Seconds.

Use + or - to navigate and Power Button to select.

you can choose between (3) 30 Seconds - (6) 60 Seconds - (9) 90 Seconds

Reset Dab Counter: Reset the Dab Counter by Holding Power and - (right bottom button) for 3 seconds.

Manual Atomizer Sync:


Hold the Power & - (right bottom button) for 3 seconds.


Using Boost Mode:


About 10 Seconds before the end of your Sesh you will have the option to double click the power button to add an additional 15 seconds to your run time.

this can only be done once. If applied you will feel the haptic feedback twice acknowledging the Boost was accepted.

The Screen will turn off once the sesh is completed.

If you would like to run another sesh simply hold the power button down for 3 seconds and this will immediately reactivate the sesh.


Attaching New/Old Atomizer:

First, thread on your atomizer
then turn on your Versa. In 2 seconds the screen will display a Number or an Error Code. The Number should be between 400 to 600 for a healthy readout.


If you Receive an Error Code please follow the steps below:

1. Remove your atomizer
2. Clean Threading area of Versa and Atomizer until no residue is visible on Q-Tip
3. Reattach your atomizer
4. Make sure your bucket and lid are only finger tight

If the Error Code / Heat Chip Error still persists, you may first want to perform a rebuild of the atomizer. If the problem continues contact Customer Service via Live Chat or our Text/Call Line 702.271.4456