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Spark Guide

Spark Guide


Important Tip:

The Mouthpiece removes from the top and has a built in dab tool


Quick Start:

5 Clicks to Turn the SPARK on or off.

Twist at the bottom to adjust temperature.

2 Clicks to activate auto fire mode.

1 Click and Hold to activate manual fire.


Sesh Info:

- The auto fire mode runs for 20 seconds. This can be canceled with a simple click of the button. or continued with a double click or a single click and hold to continue into manual fire mode. 

- The 20 second timer for the sesh will reset once you click the power button. 


Cleaning Your Spark:

We recommend you follow these steps for a proper cleaning technique.

- Set your Spark to the highest level.

- Run 1 dry 20 second auto fire sesh

- Soak a Q-Tip in ISO and brush the atomizer walls

- While running a second auto fire sesh brush the top of the coil head lightly 

(Repeat steps as necessary)  

replacing your atomizers is inevitable and suggested for premium flavor.