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Ranger IH

Ranger IH

Ranger IH User Guide:


Quick Start Guide:

Power On/Off Device:

- Click Center button 3 times

Switch From Wattage to Temp Mode:

- Click Center Button 2 times

Adjust Wattage & Temp:

- Use Left and Right Buttons to go up and down in wattage or temp.

Reset Sesh Counter :

- Hold Up and Down button together for 3 Seconds


Switch from C to F:

- Hold Center and Right button at the same time for 3 seconds.


Activating Heat:

Place your DynaVap Vap Cap into the glass bowl area. When heat is activated, you will see the change on your digital screen.


USB-C Charge:  2 Hour Charge is recommended before first use. 
pass through charging is optional but not recommended.



Wattage Mode: Try 45 Watts as a starting point!

Temp Mode: Set the Temp to 400F and ignore the click. Once the Vapcap hits temp pull out immediately for aggressive hits.


Low Battery - Charge your device.

High Temp - Allow device to cool before using

Heating Circuit Failure - Contact Customer Support