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Bolt Guide

Bolt Guide

The Bolt User Guide

Bolt Overview


Rapid Heat-Up
Pre Heat Mode
30 Second Run Time
Magnetic Cover
Glass Adaptable
Auto Shutoff
1000mAh Battery Capacity
3 Power Levels


Getting Started

1. Fully Charge the Bolt 

 - To Charge your bolt use the provided USB-C Cable, when charging the power button will illuminate. Once fully charged, the power button will show a green light. 

 2. Load your Bolt as shown below utilizing the included dab tool.

3. Once you have your concentrate loaded, cap the diffuser with either top (mouthpiece or flat top for rig use)

If you are using the Bolt with the Glass Adapter please ensure you have connected the glass adapter firmly into the bolt. 

4. Two Ways to use your Bolt

Option 1 - Single Fire Mode. 

To operate single fire mode simply hold the power button down. The light will pulse briefly, this indicates the pre heat mode.  Once the light is solid the bolt is at temp and ready to rock.

Option 2 - Auto Fire Mode. 

To operate Auto fire mode simply click the power button twice. This will begin the pre heat, once you see the light remain solid you can then begin to draw from the bolt. 

Using the Carb Button

If you are connected to your water pipe via the Glass Adapter. You may want to use the built in Carb. When you have your Bolt connected to your water pipe and you are ready to clear your vapor, instead of pulling the bolt from the pipe simply hold the carb button and continue to draw.

Charging the Bolt

Battery indication light will show charging connection is made by glowing
Red. When fully charged, light turns to Green.

How to Clean

1. Clean Diffuser

For optimal use and flavor, wipe out your bowl with a cotton-tipped swab
after each session. Never immerse your coils in a cleaning solution.

2. Cleaning the Air path

Remove 14mm male glass, and soak with 91% isopropyl alcohol. Use
included cleaning brush to remove airpath clogs. Dip cleaning brush into
alcohol solution and clean air pathways.

3. Clean 510 connect

Periodically, clean the 5l0 connection of the atomizer with an alcohol
cotton swab, and allow to fully dry before re-attaching coil.